“Starting a new foundation–or in our case expanding an existing one–requires some perspective from someone who has “been there and done that”. For us, Dr. Harrell was that someone. He answered our questions, gave great advice, trained our board, and still offers a lifeline when a new situation arises. Dr. Harrell helped The Takitani Foundation look ahead to a bright future.”

Michael W. Perry
Chairman, The Takitani Foundation
Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr. Harrell has served ably as facilitator for multiple Rapides Foundation Board Retreats.  Our Board Retreats are significant times for our trustees to learn, discuss and develop consensus for Mission-aligned priorities and approaches for our work.  Byron does a great job in developing and implementing a facilitated process that ensures focus, clarity, equitable participation and leads the group to a point of decision.  His knowledge and experience allow him to be firm in maintaining control of the retreat process yet able to adapt to the emerging needs of the group as the process unfolds.  He has assisted our Health Legacy Foundation undertake major considerations for both hospital ownership objectives and strategic grantmaking objectives. I believe his leadership skills are superb related to major decision-making by any Board- – -profit or non profit.

Joe Rosier
The Rapides Foundation
Alexandria, LA

Through both the Southeastern Council of Foundations and Philoptima Consulting, I have had the privilege of working with and learning from Dr. Harrell. A highly regarded leader in the nation’s philanthropic sector, Dr. Harrell is a one-of-a-kind problem-solver, whole-heartedly committed to finding innovative solutions to some of society’s most complex problems. As a distinguished foundation executive, author, speaker, and pioneer of philanthropic crowdsourcing, Dr. Harrell approaches work with integrity and thoughtfulness. He is sensitive to the needs of others, and his appreciation of diverse perspectives is clearly reflected in his inclusive approach to collaboration. Most recently, I have interacted with Dr. Harrell from the vantage point of a new researcher and faculty member. In every respect, Dr. Harrell is professional, genuine, fair, and committed to building a better world for those less fortunate.

Sabrina Jones Niggel
Adjunct Professor
University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Charlotte, NC

I have been fortunate to work with Dr. Byron Harrell through the Southeastern Council of Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Byron is a highly respected leader in the field of philanthropy. He is a gifted writer and presenter and has taken an important leadership role with the SECF. I highly recommend Byron as a knowledgable and insightful grantmaking professional. He is a true change agent in the field philanthropy in the southeast and throughout the country.

Tom Keith
The Sisters of Charity Foundation
Columbia, SC