Strategic Framework

stratPhiloptima Consulting is devoted to maximizing impact for its clients. Philanthropists must believe that their gifts will have an impact or they wouldn’t give them. We base our strategic framework around three questions that are fundamentally important to high-impact grantmaking.

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • Why do you want to achieve a particular result?
  • How will you achieve the result you seek?

We recommend a strategic planning cycle that requires funders to revisit these three questions as part of their annual business planning process. We recommend that funders use the correct grant tool to accomplish their objectives. Farmers don’t dig deep furrows with paper cups, they use steel plows. They use the right tools for the purpose intended and so do we.

Finally, we use a simple mapping system to graphically depict the reasoning for each grant in a simple shorthand way. At a glance, readers can understand the theory behind any grant in a single picture.

This is the strategic framework we use to assess the environment, establish goals, strategies and objectives, apply grant tools and build clear, flexible grantmaking approaches that produce measureable results for your donations.