Enterprise Effectiveness

Darts (HDR)Older, more established foundations and grantmaking organizations often experience “mission creep”. They adopt more and more worthy causes and become more complex over time just like most businesses and firms. Sometimes those new causes have little or nothing to do with the ultimate mission of the enterprise. Philoptima Consulting helps older foundations identify whether or not mission creep and its related bureaucratic bloat has taken hold of their organization. Starting with a review of the mission and how it is measured, we help our clients shed less effective or unproductive lines of activity and simplify overgrown internal support systems. The subsequently redeployed assets give a new surge of energy to the organization and improve enterprise effectiveness focused on the mission.

Our team brings a fresh lens to older organizations wanting to refocus their attention and assets on the original mission, goals, and objectives that are most important to their success. We start with a full mission test exercise with the board and senior management. Next, we examine and map the internal components of the organization, including their costs, and describe their relative degree of proximity to the core mission. Finally, we recommend modifications that help remove sclerotic and overgrown parts of the organization that are less effective or even unrelated. In many ways, we offer a weight loss program for foundations that thins, builds muscle, and rejuvenates.