Board Retreat Facilitation

Business group showing teamwork
Philoptima Consulting designs and conducts board, family and/or staff retreats as part of a comprehensive planning process or as a means of functional improvement. Our goal is help our clients reach a clear, solid consensus on the objectives of their philanthropic endeavors. We help them link a measurable output or outcome to each grant and to tie several disparate programs into one comprehensive strategy. It takes hard work and plenty of private time to arrive at a unified approach tied to indicators that measure real progress.

We also understand governance and management. They are different things. We help dysfunctional boards assess their weaknesses and improve their practices and we help highly effective boards stay on the cutting edge of performance. Our facilitation can help boards and management work through conflicts of interest, biased approaches, and help find those missing voices so important to success. We can help families share intergenerational values and pass the torch of generosity to the next generation while learning to delegate appropriately to professional management

We are skilled in the use of various group decision processes and techniques. We listen carefully and ensure that every voice is part of the ultimate solution. But holding retreats and reaching consensus on objectives and funding priorities is not where we stop. Our clients let us help them develop the tools and measurements that get the job done during the year, not just at the end of a successful retreat.